Website Development Terms & Conditions

  1. All websites are built according to a scope document that will be shared with the client. This scope document outlines the items that are included in the project scope and anything that needs to be done that is not mentioned within this document is to be added and billed for at SupaDigital’s discretion. All additional charges will always be quoted and agreed upon with clients prior to implementation. 
  2. A 50% deposit is required to book relevant studio time allocated to the project and communicated and agreed upon with the client. This deposit is non-refundable. Clients will be provided a deadline prior to which they are expected to pay project deposits in order to officially book the allocated start and finish dates. Failure to pay within this communicated timeframe could result in another client gaining the relevant project slot. 
  3. Should a client not be prepared and ready for their allocated start date, the client will be given a period of 1/4 of their project slot in which to provide all necessary information. Failure to do this could result in losing the project slot, losing the deposit paid and requiring a new deposit to be paid in order to book another slot once the client is ready. 
  4. All main bodies of content and imagery are to be provided by the client. We are happy to source the odd image here and there, as well as create small snippets of copy if necessary, but the primary content needs to be provided prior to the start date. 
  5. Feedback will be requested at various intervals throughout the project. Any delays in feedback of longer than 5 consecutive days on any particular request or 10 accumulative days overall within 4 weeks could result in the project overrunning its given timeslot and therefore, at Supadigital’s discrection based on planned work – the project can be closed temporarily and the client will be liable for all costs for time spent up until this point. When time becomes available once again, the project will be re-scheduled and commence accordingly. 

The above are all in line with fixed period contract laws in South Africa and are implemented in order to protect both the client as well as SupaDigital in the case of any misunderstandings or delays caused by either party.

Many thanks

Dave Ackermann
Founder of SupaDigital

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